Grape Diggaz


The GrapeDiggaz, a team of Wu DRAM Clan and Kirsch Import, lift the treasures from the brandy regions of this world. Known for authentic single cask cognacs and armagnacs, our latest project is a core range!
To our standards, the same criteria apply as to the single cask discoveries: 100% transparency thanks to bottling personally dug up on site without any additives or chill filtration.
And: excellent value for the money !

The start of our core range is marked by two versatile cognacs off the mainstream. For GrapeDiggaz, worked closely with Vallein Tercinier, a house that is as innovative as it is established. A specially developed recipe is the basis for our GrapeDiggaz Cognac XO. It combines distillates of up to 25 years from different crus, especially Fins Bois , Bons Boins and Grande Champagne. Leather, spices, tobacco, chocolate, and peach, unfold at a slightly higher drinking strength.

The same applies to GrapeDiggaz Cognac VSOP: at 46.3% vol. it shows a fruity top note reminiscent of young Highland malt. Fresh green apples, pears and grapes are harmoniously combined with malt and honey. The 4- to 10-year-old VSOP also is composed of different crus, with Bons Bois setting the tone.

The GrapeDiggaz standard cognacs are suitable for pure enjoyment as well as for drinks. They are each bottled in small batches of 500 litres. Connoisseurs can already look forward to two XO and VSOP standard bottlings from the ARMAGNAC region

Comments: warning, drinkability index very high here. To be honest, I wouldn't touch 95% of all the VSOPs you could find in shops, but this one's rather 'VVSOP' (very, very special – or superior - old pale)

Serge Valentin 

Both are sourced from the cellars of Vallein Tercinier. They are bottled in small batches of 500 liters. All of them are ‘no bullshit’ cognacs, without colouring or sugar – pretty rare at this level.

Ruben Luyten

GrapeDiggaz X.O / minimum 10 years old

- Close collaboration with Vallein Tercinier
- Specially developed recipe
- Blending of up to 25 year old distillates from different crus
from different crus

Tasting Notes

Nose: Ripe peach, Riesling Auslese, dried apricot, white fir honey, forest floor, leather, tobacco.
apricot, silver fir honey, forest floor, leather, tobacco,
strong dark chocolate, voatsiperifery pepper,
lime & orange peel, cinnamon.

Palate: white chocolate, honey, butterscotch,
white peach, sun-dried apricot, limestone,
Burgundy truffle.

Finish: Long and engaging.

RRP 69,90€ / 700ml
(99,86 EUR / Liter)

GrapeDiggaz V.S.O.P / minimum 4 years old

- Close collaboration with Vallein Tercinier.
- Fruity top note reminiscent of young Highland
malt whisky
- Four to ten years old, assemblage
of different crus

Tasting Notes

Nose: Muscat grape, walnut, pear, dried banana, beetroot
banana, beetroot, freshly struck oak, wax,
Rapeseed honey, warmed Boskop apple, vanilla,
puff pastry, butter and sultana.

Palate: honey and ripe mirabelle plums, apple cakes,
vanilla, icing sugar, malt, pastry, grassy and fresh.

Finish: Long and towards the end very fruity and

RRP 44,90€ / 700ml
(64,14 EUR / Liter)

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