Our Vision

For us, only the content counts.
It has become a big wild jungle in which you have to find your way around. Every single barrel is tasted by us beforehand, all 3 members have to agree and only then is it bottled.
Through this 3-tongues principle, we can minimise and select off-flavours. 

Scotch Whisky

We love peated whiskies and we love the island of Islay. Of course, we also love the other regions of Scotland, and internally we already call it our second home. Sign up for our newsletter to never miss a bottling.


There are so-called "malt alternatives" that every single malt fan should have on their taste radar. Cognac from the 5 major regions is one of them.
We are big fans of this traditional and protected way of distilling wine. Several times a year we offer a selected bottling - don't miss it!


We visit the region where Armagnac is produced several times a year. This allows us to find treasures in the cellars that would otherwise gather dust and make them accessible to connoisseurs.


Over the years, we have developed a passion for sugar cane and thus also for R(h)um - we try to bottle a treasure or two several times a year.

Our Projects

We are always working on new projects.
Are you a producer, cask broker or do you want to do a JOINT bottling with us?  Contact Us

Our Passion

Why you can count on us? Because our clan is more than just a business. Each person in our team is unique - and we all share the same passion.

Our Motivation

Our work is our passion and a positive drive for each new day. It makes us see challenge as opportunity and achieve new goals. We want to reflect this in every new bottling. 

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