CRAGGANMORE 38 Years old


Here it is! Our 38-year-old Cragganmore from Vintage 1985, bottled in September 2023 at 45.3% ABV in cask strength. Only 174 bottles were yielded from the American Oak Cask.

The Cask of Distinction series by Diageo showcases unique whiskies from selected distilleries of the company. These limited releases are renowned for their exceptional quality and distinctive characteristics, offering whisky enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to enjoy whiskies that are not available in the mass market.

Founded in 1869 in the Speyside region of Scotland, the Cragganmore distillery is renowned for its traditional production of single malt whisky. Its whisky is characterized by gentle smokiness and complex flavors of honey, fruits, and spices. With its distinctive copper pot stills and characterful spirit, Cragganmore has earned its place among the most prestigious whiskies in the world.

Upon first sniff, one is greeted by an intensely honeyed aroma, swiftly followed by a whisper of paraffin. This honeyed essence seamlessly melds with malt, grains, salted caramel, and a hint of lime zest, creating a captivating blend of sweetness and freshness.

A truly multifaceted tasting experience unfolds. Initially, a mineral note reminiscent of a stone cellar presents itself, followed by nuances of aged wood and waxy malt. Then, a surprisingly fresh and floral note emerges, which in no way resembles soapiness but rather evokes the great malts of the 70s. It's worth considering that the vintage of '85 harks back a good 39 years - truly a nostalgic journey.

The finish is prolonged and lingering, with the flavors lingering tantalizingly on the palate. Simultaneously, the desire to refill one's glass arises, for this captivating flavor profile sparks a veritable craving for further tastings. 



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